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Fitness Mistakes

Fit­ness Mistakes


Too Much, Too Soon


Many new exer­cis­ers try to lose weight or tone up too quickly, by exer­cis­ing too fre­quently or try­ing exer­cise pro­grams that are too dif­fi­cult for their fit­ness level.


Set­ting Unre­al­is­tic Goals


Despite what many adver­tis­ers would like you to believe, it’s unre­al­is­tic to think you can lose 30 pounds in 30 days or that you can have Hol­ly­wood abs sim­ply by doing 10 min­utes of crunches a day.


Work­out Rut


Once you find an exer­cise that you really enjoy or (more com­monly) one that isn’t too dif­fi­cult (hence, that’s why you enjoy it), it’s easy to get in a rou­tine of doing that same exer­cise over and over. This often causes your body to reach a plateau because it becomes too accus­tomed to the routine.


Try­ing Rad­i­cal Fit­ness Programs


Many exer­cises try “magic” pills or bizarre diets to get in shape. Not only do these pro­grams not work, they can even be dangerous.


Strength Train­ing Incorrectly


Know­ing how to strength train cor­rectly can be con­fus­ing. Novices often lift too lit­tle or too much weight, per­form too few or too many reps and don’t know how much time to rest between sets.


Wrong Exer­cise Choices


One of the main rea­sons that peo­ple quit exer­cise pro­grams is because they are bored or don’t enjoy the activ­ity they are doing. In order to stay moti­vated, it’s impor­tant to par­tic­i­pate in an activ­ity that you enjoy doing.


Improper Weight Train­ing Technique


Per­fect­ing proper weight train­ing tech­niques can be dif­fi­cult. There are an infi­nite num­ber of incor­rect ways to com­plete the moves. With­out proper guid­ance, it is easy to per­form exer­cises incor­rectly. This can eas­ily lead to injuries.


Not Stretch­ing


Stretch­ing is typ­i­cally not a high pri­or­ity on most people’s exer­cise check­list. But it should be because stretch­ing helps pre­vent injuries, increases your range of motion, and improves coordination.


Try­ing to Spot Reduce


Many peo­ple think that you can get a flat stom­ach just by doing sit-ups or that you can make your butt smaller if you do enough squats. The truth is that in order to lose inches or tone up any part of your body you must work your entire body and ensure that you are burn­ing enough calories.


Exer­cis­ing Too Frequently


In a desire to get in shape quickly, many exer­cis­ers get too gung ho and exer­cise every sin­gle day or sev­eral times a day. It is impor­tant to find the right bal­ance to ensure that your body gets nec­es­sary rest.


Not Warm­ing Up


Once you get on your work­out clothes and are ready to begin, it’s easy to want to skip the warm-up and go directly to the inten­sity level. But, you shouldn’t. What does “warming-up” really do? Well, as you might sus­pect it raises body tem­per­a­ture. This in return helps reduce mus­cle injuries and it assists in mus­cle performance.


Not Cool­ing Down


When your sched­ule is busy it’s tough enough to fit in a work­out. So to add extra time for a cool-down can seem impos­si­ble. But it’s impor­tant to allow cool-down, even if just 5 min­utes. This allows a grad­ual decrease in heart rate and blood pres­sure. Plus, researchers have found that exer­cis­ers who include a cool-down are more likely to con­tinue to exer­cise because the last thing they remem­ber about their ses­sion is the easy, more relax­ing pace of their cool-down.